The Businessman role is for those who are planning to become the leaders of manufacture and supply other players with needed gear, food, medical supplies, etc. Businessmen will have to establish companies for gathering resources, creating materials and producing goods. Exporting and importing goods will scale the business internationally, becoming the supply line of missing exclusive resources to the home country.

Decisions on whether to scale business horizontally or vertically and proper utilisation of the country technological level might lead a player to become an industry shark, who profits from market manipulation or is known for the cheapest products.


The Scientist role is for those who want to dominate the market with their services. Players striving to become the most educated people on the globe will have to study and improve their real life know-how and be the most efficient labor force in the market, since the output of the factories is most certainly dependent on the skills of the employees. Intellectuals of the game will be spending a countless hours in the research labs and developing innovative solutions in enhancing production efficiency. Professional scientists with the highest skills will be recruited by markets finest producers and rewarded for their toil generously. Assaults, fights, wars will not be won without their perfected skill of hacking which is needed in almost all types of conflicts.


Warriors will start building the names for themselves from undergoing military trainings against A.I. powered bots, to becoming known as local or international fighting tournament winners. Having a good reputation is a guarantee of an endless flow of job offers and good pay. Some players will take on safeguarding the populace and their assets. While the other part of combatants will certainly turn to inconvenience the others - assaulting players, attacking factories and warehouses. As they cause damage to others, they are not safe themselves because of the bounties being placed on their heads. Be it the government, their competitors or their victims. Both groups are going to be the main driving force of the expansion of country they are fighting for or safety guarantee for the fellow people.

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