Since the dawn of time, humankind had to preserve itself on this planet. It had to fight different kinds of enemies, but the most dangerous of all of them came to be a human itself. So, the wars for land, well-being and power ravaged the planet for ages. There were times of war and there were times of peace. Wars changed its faces and humans fought for different kinds of reasons. For the moment it seemed like peace and harmony had taken over the planetary routine. Politics at this point looked like to be evolved to the level where humans do not have to resort to the extremes of killing each other. But …... the economical side of homo sapiens existence became the kind of war that no one had foreseen. Since journalism and the media are owned by corporations, all the information about disasters and wrong-doings instigated by them all over the planet is carefully managed and provided for the masses to consume as intended.
Some of the real news broke out from time to time through the effort of different groups of activists. Truth is leaked via dangerous endeavors of computer hackers. For unveiling atrocious lies that corporations are feeding the consumers, they are treated with utter disrespect, portrayed as the enemies of humankind and brought down using corrupt law enforcement institutions who allegedly have an obligation to protect the citizens, but did become a part of enormous human control machine that one has never seen to this day.
So, the mortal story continues without interruption and suffering of people is a never ending and most biggest part of the tale of human civilization.
Yet fighting is not even close to the end. The war needs a reason to exist and humans are very good at providing it with justifications to continue.
Planet β€œEarth” is becoming extremely overpopulated and those finite resources our fragile universe marble has in store for us are becoming more and more scarce. This is where todays war found its reason to start and prevail indefinitely.
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