Study Mechanics

Studying is one of the core game mechanics that allow players to increase skills not related to fighting, ranging from cooking to hacking. Studying is very important to any country as a whole, since it greatly contributes to the country's wealth and competitiveness among other countries by efficiently raising the industry level and providing useful inventions that allow companies to increase productivity. However, scholars/scientists need to be rewarded properly by paying scholarships based on performance of their study process.

Studies are split into different levels by their difficulty, called Study Degrees, and are named: Beginners Degree, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, Doctoral Degree and Expert Degree. Studies are locked by Study Degree, so more studies can be unlocked by earning a higher level of Study Degree. Studying in higher level studies is more profitable, since they offer higher experience to energy ratio. However, the questions are more difficult.

There are two main types of studies: Library studies and Laboratory Research Studies.

  • Library studies are intended to be used for learning purposes, since they have the best energy to experience ratio, thus are the most profitable. There, players can earn study badges required to unlock higher level study degrees by performing excellently in Library studies.

  • Co-op studies are designed for studying with other players in order to achieve tradable inventions and high end gadgets that allow business owners to increase efficiency of their companies. In order to participate in qcLaboratory Research Study, a scientist must create a co-op unit or be invited to one. The Co-op unit leader can start a study while others must join in order to participate.

Study ranks (per study, per skill, per country)

It is no secret that players like competing in almost every aspect of a game. That is why there is a studies ranking system. Player rankings can be filtered out by a specific study, by skill and even by the country players reside in.

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