Fight Mechanics

Combat mechanics are one of the most notable game dynamics. Players can fight each other to take control over companies, and countries can declare wars to fight for ownership of ERTHA HEXs.

Fighting in Ertha is based on a Tower Defense game type. A player chooses his equipment before the battle starts, an opponent might choose different items. The winner is the player who used the better equipment for the current battle situation.

A fight between countries is won in a "rope pulling" type manner. The country which players have successfully won more fights in a certain period of time has more points to pull the rope, thus more likely to win. When time finishes, the country with more points wins the fight. If points are tied between countries, then the fight is a tie. (War and Combat Mechanics are still in development and are subject to change)

Hitpoints Mechanics

Every player has hit/health points which are needed for everyone who participates in any kind of fights. There are three types of hit points to represent three forms of player conditions: conscious, unconscious and dead. If a player has low health, they becomes unconscious and immediately lose the fight. In order to renew their capability to fight, the player has to restore their hit points.

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