Production Mechanics

Every product that exists in the game has to go through a production process. Products can't just appear out of thin air.

Production mechanics define how products in-game (food, weapons, armor, etc) are created. From the production perspective, there are two groups of products which differ by production process.

In order to produce any product, a player must have access to a specific technology (blueprint), own factory machinery (company), have access to natural resources or have enough raw materials/stock, and last but not least, employ skilled employees.


Every product in the game has its own recipe (blueprint). Blueprints are the detailed lists of necessary resources, materials, skills and energy that are needed to produce a product. Natural resources are needed to make materials which themselves are needed to produce a product.

There are several ways of obtaining blueprints. Since all products have different technological levels assigned to them, access to higher level product blueprints is granted to citizens when they raise their country's industry level to the required one. If the industry level drops, only those who have the blueprints personally will be able to produce the products of higher technological level.

Blueprints for personal and constant access to them are obtained as rewards from various in game activities, and from the market for in-game currency or game tokens.


All NFT Land HEXs in the game are filled with various resources. There are two types of resources: common and exclusive. All countries have all the generic resources and there is only one out of three exclusive resources for each country. Every country should seek a well balanced gathering of resources in order to achieve the maximum efficiency in production.

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