Energy Mechanics

The Energy mechanic is one of the main mechanics which impacts every decision a player makes in the game. The main idea behind energy is to limit the number of actions a player can do in the game per day. This way, players who can spend less time playing would not be quickly overtaken by the players that can spend endless hours playing. Energy is tied to real time, meaning that maximum energy a player can have is 24, which equals to 24 hours per day.

Energy is consumed by various in-game actions - travelling, studying, training, hunting, managing companies, comitting crimes and more. In addition, up to half of the energy can be lost due to hunger. A player's hunger level is constantly increasing until it consumes one energy point per one cycle. Once energy is lost it can be restored in any of the following three ways:

  1. Resting - every hour, one energy point is restored. Up to 12 energy bars.

  2. Eating - consuming products that decrease hunger. However, overeating will decrease energy as well.

  3. Using energy potions.

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