Job Mechanics

Working is an essential part of the production process. Every company in the game needs to find a skilled labour force in order to efficiently utilize factory machinery. Labour force can be used by employing other players using a job contract.

A job contract is an agreement that allows a business owner and an employee to exchange energy for money. A job contract has a number of criterias: contract type, duration, skill requirements, salary and fine.

  • Contract type defines if the contract is fixed term, or open ended.

    • Freelance contract is a one time job for an agreed salary with no other strings attached.

    • 7-day contract is a fixed term contract which is fulfilled when an employee shows up for work for 7 consecutive days. If the employee skips any of the days, the contract is terminated and the employee must pay a fine to the employer.

    • Full-time contract is similar to a 7-day contract, but with an indefinite time period.

  • Contact duration defines how many hours an employee must work per day.

  • Skill requirements defines the minimum skills a player must have in order to sign a contract. Skill requirements cannot be lower than the ones defined in blueprint skill requirements by which a product will be produced. However, the employer may decide to increase the skill requirements in order to offer a higher salary for more skilled and efficient employees.

  • Salary is the amount of money the employer is ready to pay every day for a defined work duration.

  • Fine is what enforces employees to follow the contract. If the contract is terminated by any side until it is fulfilled, the terminating party must pay a predefined amount of money to the other party. Upon signing the contract, both parties must have a sufficient amount of funds to pay the fine. The fine amount is reserved until the contract is fulfilled, otherwise the reserved fine is transferred from whoever caused the contract to not be fulfilled.

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