Transportation Mechanics

Every product in the game has its location in the game world. The location might be in a player's backpack, warehouse or company. The load of equipment and backpack weight is limited, so transportation plays an essential role in changing product locations or owners.

The transportation cost is dynamic, and is calculated by the following formula:

transportationDistance1kgfee.transportationDistance * 1kg fee.

The fee is defined by the countrys tax policy and HEX owners policy. All funds collected from the transportation tax are split, and go to the country's budget and HEX owners wallet, respectively.

Transportation takes time to complete, and the duration is calculated by the formula:

transportationDistance5mintransportationDistance * 5min

Example: When you buy something at a market of 1 kg weight and the distance between the location of the item and delivery address is 10 hexagons, then transportation time would be 50 minutes.

Transportation within the same hexagon has a fixed time of 1 minute.

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