Official Ertha Whitepaper

What is Ertha?

ERTHA is Heroes Of Might And Magic game-type inspired economic, social, MMO game based on exploring and investigating the world, leveling up, choosing specializations, and increasing the strength of your company and your country.
The game is designed to replicate a real-life environment, simulating the actions that people have to perform in order to earn a living.
Ertha's globe is consisting of 350,000 HEX land plots, which can be purchased as an NFT.
Binance smart chain based in game currencies: ERTHA TOKEN & ERTHA LAND NFT
In ERTHA players will be able to acquire virtual land plot NFTs called "Hexes" or HEX, through which there are many possible transactions that earn HEX owner cashback Ertha tokens:
  • Employment Tax (Salary portion that is payed by the employer)
  • Sales Tax (Purchaser tax when buying goods from the market)
  • Company Fees (Company building, repairs, upgrades)
  • Companies Revenue (Sold items, job contract fines, penalty taxes)
  • Warehouse Fees (Warehouse building and upgrades)
  • Delivery Fees (Goods delivery into specific warehouse in an owned HEX)
  • Airfare Fees (Flight tickets)
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